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"She's a great psychiatrist. Once session, I've got shrinkage." - House.

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ok news

Good news on the money front. Brad found out that there's an extra 32k in an account that his mother left him. Should calm him down a bit after worry about paying for the girls' college. My Dad got through it on VERY little money, he will too.

Need to get weekend job. On list of things to do.

Also need more articles on Schizophrenia (changed my research topic)...can't find any empirical studies. Stupid PSYCinfo database.

Happy late Birddaay to Leslie, you old bat!

Must go start dinner and round Mel up from outside.

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thingee things

School is ok. I'm ok. My head is a bit cloudy sometimes but I think I'm ok. I'm gaining weight so I decided to start going to the gym (YMCA) in town and it's pretty cool. I have to fight genetics to be healthy. My dad has high blood pressure and there's diabetes on my mom's side. So wish me luck there!

I can never decide whether I should use this journal to write exactly how I feel when I feel it, or to just make mild updates when I have time.

Cleaned up the office to cheer Brad up, worked a little bit but his being down and depressed about losing his job is taking its toll on me. I have no idea how I can keep him up and boosted and myself as all I want to do when the weather gets cold is sleep and eat. I hibernate. So singing and dancing and insisting everything is fine is actually work to me at this point. I'm emotionally exhausted.

I miss having fun. I only laugh with my mother and maybe my sister. Ok, so I laugh AT my sister (j/k).

Had lunch with Mandy today. Good food and company. But I'm still just....blah.

Have topics class in about 15 minutes. maybe I'll fool around and make a new journal. I do that when I'm bored.
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Brad lost his job Monday. He had to return the car and everything. Now he's driving his 98 explorer. (Mind you, I have a 98 Ranger, and I'm not complaining).

Right before the holidays Foley (the concrete co.) decided to fire him because they are "overstaffed". Things are shitty all over the place.

Will Brad have to move to Tampa? or Jacksonville? or Atlanta?
Will I move with him?

Must find weekend job for christmas presents. Holidays will be stressful.

Drained from keeping Brad;s spirits up. Likened to holding up large concrete thing.

Ugh. Don't want to think about concrete.
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Nothing good comes Phenix City, I'm tellin you.

CSU Student Arrested For Making Terroristic Threats

Columbus State University Police found more than they bargained for inside the truck of 45 year old Lawrence Price. Campus police confiscated two rifles, a shotgun, a small handgun, a compound bow, an axe, an antique saw, three bottles of alcohol and plenty of ammnition. C.S.U police chief Rus Drew says todays arrest was the result of an ongoing investigation into bomb threats against CSU.

Even though they've nabbed who "they say" made the threats, the investigation continues. "We're working with Phenix City Police and A.T.F. His residence is actually in Phenix City, and we're working with them as well as the Russell County Sheriff Department and the Columbus Police Deptartment to make sure that we did not miss any pieces,"says Columbus State University Police Chief Rus Drew.

Pieces that if unlooked, could have ended differently. "I just think that it's a credit to our department for staying with this idea of a bomb threat that many may have disregarded, and making an arrest that turned out to be really, really really significant,"says Director of Public Relations, John Lester.

CSU Freshman, Becca Schwam says,"They're doing a good job because nothing happened they caught it before anything could happen, so I'm grateful for that." As for Price, he's been suspended from CSU and is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday. Police couldn't tell us why Price made the threats and what he planned to do with the weapons.

The news came as a shock to many of the students. "That's just so unreal to me, and to find out that it's right here on our campus, that's just like man, that's too close to home,"says CSU senior, Edward Senior V.

Campus police say two bomb threats were made against the University twice in the last two weeks. Investigators say the location where the phone calls were made led them to Price.

Price was a Biology major at Columbus State University
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grades and paws

Made absolute crap grade on Bio Psych Test (66) and now must study extra hard for next test.

Mel cut his little paw yesterday outside and it started to get infected so the vet kept him overnight. Dr. Jones said "he needs to stay inside for a few days, he's a bit accident prone." so naturally Brad and I fought about that. Whatta bastard.

Brad also gave me a gem of his wisdom the other night when I said I was worried about Mel fighting and howling outside with this other neighborhood cat. He said "::sigh:: Katie, what the most important thing in your life right now?"
I said "school." flatly.
He said "and is Mel going to get you into graduate school?"

I was just quiet for a second...letting the retardation register.

I still feel the nosebleed lingering.

Brad is an absolute twat when it comes to arguing logic with me. I haven't asked him to put Mel first, ever. Oh, except when he ran over him, breaking his little back. I think I'll run over Brad, slit his thumb, and then make him sleep outside. Then I'll use backward and imaginary logic to justify it.

Sounds good to me.
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I love driving around town in the morning when I don't have to be anywhere and I'm wearing my starry pj's. Little pleasures.

I love my parents, particularly my mother. We share the same soul. I'm her, she's me. Us is us and we is we. And we are all together...or something.
She's pulling for me. I feel like I'm going through a slow, crawling divorce. But I've got my Mel and he's my best friend and ally over here.

This morning Brad put some trash in the carport from his car and said "Do something with that" to me as I was telling him goodbye. Sigh.

Abigail said "It's like you're his maid." She would get it if I left.

I spent most of yesterday cleaning out my old rooms at my parents. None of that stuff makes any sense to own now. Maybe I'll paint today. Well, at least pick out some paint.

Dentist appointment later....cleaning. Yay.

Mel is fed and sleeping.